• P.K.Silver Group Co.,ltd are committed to being social and environmental stewards of our planet and will continually look for improvements in our processes to lessen our environmental impact while supporting our workers and the communities we live in.
  • We focus on sustainable production, conscious sourcing and supporting local artisans to reflect a beautiful world in which we continuously reuse resources and work towards zero waste.
  • We strive to work with partners in our industry that share the same values as we do and believe transparency in a supply chain is the key to a sustainable future.
  • Our jewelry is perfect for those who are eco-conscious & prefer a sustainable, environmentally aware lifestyle.
  • We use lab-created stones, It's definitely conflict-free.
    For the materials include cultured freshwater pearls, genuine mineral stones, and diamonds that are ethically sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free practices.
    We can make jewelry in refinery uses 100% recycled metals, so it doesn’t harm the ecosystem.
  • Spread happiness, and green living, environment by empowering our workers, customers and communities around us.
  • Provide best quality and sustainable world standard and modern innovation, protect communities and the world around us.
  • Preserve the planet with elegant design and highest quality and unique piece of jewelry that you need and desire.
Commitment to Progress Sustainability Award 2018
Establishments that meet the system criteria of
Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (Amfori BSCI)
and the Ministry of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
 Establishments with excellent labor management of the year 2020
 Certified by The Green Office Very Good Level Of The Year 2020
From Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP)
Ministry of Natural Rescurces and Environment 

When jewelry is to give.

Project Kithai collaborates with P.K. Silver Group to create a branded collection. U save V save adjusts the function to make jewelry more than just beauty. Helping to facilitate the wearer to live a safe life away from disease, such as a device pressing a public button to reduce exposure mask jewelry alcohol spray strap



Rooftop Vegetable Planting Project
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