Social & Safety
            Nowadays, the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility is attracting increasing attention in the media and society as a whole: within the framework of risk management and corporate ethics, and in particular against the background of worldwide outsourcing, companies must ensure that their suppliers behave towards both people and the environment in a responsible way. Auditing to SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) to companies who support such responsible behaviour and wish to communicate this effectively to customers, partners and consumers.
            The goal of above standards is to improve working conditions all over the world. They are therefore concerned with matters such as child and forced labour, occupational health and safety, freedom to establish employee representation organizations, discrimination, living wages and work conditions.

            SEDEX support the efforts of companies to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to basic human and employee rights and also to testify to this.
Award & Qualifications
“Commitment to Progress Sustainability Award 2018”
and joined the seminar of the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (Amfori BSCI) and Ministry of Commerce. At Amsterdam,Netherlands
Outstanding Establishment for Occupational Health and Safety Award And working environment National Level (Gold Level) Year 1, Year 2019
Outstanding Establishment for Occupational Health and Safety Award And the provincial work environment in 2018